Let's Do Life is a game where you experience the challenge of finding success in America. The catch is you'll have to walk in the shoes of a hidden randomized demographic.

Created for the 2017 Social Justice Game Jam.

Click "Let's Go" to begin the game.

Dev Team:

Masha: Audio, Production, Research, Logo, & Design

Sara: Narrative Design, UI Design, & Motivational Consulting

Lauren: Research, Data Modeling, & Design

Gloriane: Concept & Background Art

Vivian: Programming

Pinqo: Additional Art

Sources and Data:
Wage Gap Data
Poverty Rates by Race
Education Statistics for Black Women
Population Distribution By Gender
Native American Demographic Information
Population Distribution By Race
Income Distribution By Race (Table A-1)
LGBT Population Demographics

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Published 157 days ago
Tagshtml, Interactive Fiction, LGBT, Life Simulation, Multiple Endings


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This was hardly a game. It was just collectivist Propoganda.


Given the scope and topic of the game jam, they accomplished quite a heavy workload in terms of accurate research and logistical information gathering that helped highlight a lot of useful and undermined data that persists within our community today. Kudos to them for achieving so much in barely a weekend!