Dark as Blood is a short, text-based horror game inspired by Slavic folklore by Masha Lepire and Eugene Fasano.

Close the sidebar, put on headphones, and make the game full screen for a more immersive experience.

This game was supported by our wonderful patrons Shaded Areas Entertainment, Lauren Careccia, Masha Vasilchikova, Jon Bash, Brandon Nelson, Michelle, and Ivan Lychkov.

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I was stuck because I couldn't find a link about 8 screens in. The text with the link ran off the screen to the right and I had to minimize the side bar to see it.  Just noting this if anyone else gets stuck.

Thank you so much for letting us know! We will try to fix the font size in a future update.


It's possible the text might be wrapping differently than expected at lower resolutions. From what I remember the links are usually on the left, but this one was a link of a word in the sentence, and the sidebar had pushed the whole screen to the right. It works, but I was just confused for a bit!

Ah ok great. Thanks again for letting us know and I hope you still enjoyed the game! :)


Neat stuff, definitely created an immersive atmosphere. Nice job!


Thank you so much!